Money's Inherited. Trust is earned.

Rod Ansell

Rod Ansell “Rod McLean”



Interview Transcript

Q1.  What is the film  about?

It all centres on Henri’s character, the father of  three sons. There’s a lot of avarice and competition.   All his sons are going off the rails in one way or another. Henri decides to play a little trick on them, as he’s in hospital with a  health scare. He lets his sons believe that  he’s about to cark it (although it’s not true);  and that he’s not going to leave his money to them.

Between the brothers, a few things play out. At the same time, we get involved with the mafia. Without going into all the intricacies, we manage to wrap the whole thing up, and give the mafia a ‘good one’ – the baddies get a kick up the backside.

And it says a lot of things about family,  about father-sons relationships, about human greed, without being too ‘goodies and baddies’.  We get to see the warm side of humanity and the nasty side of humanity.  And there’s also a thread running through about atheism and religion and God’s place in things. It throws up some interesting questions as well. The main thing is that it’s got a warm beating heart.

Q 2.  What do you think people will take away from seeing this film?

A couple of people who have seen it afresh – just the one time – have said:  “A really enjoyable experience”.  They really liked, really enjoyed the film.  I haven’t picked their brains too much, whether it turned them, into atheists or inspired them to go a off and make their own films – I hope it does!  But it’s not a difficult film to watch, it’s easy to watch. It takes you on a journey in a really nice, caring way.  So it’s a good night in the cinema.