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Meg MacIntosh

Meg MacIntosh “Bronwyn”

Interview Transcript

Q 1.  Who is your character?

I play the part of  Bronwyn, Mr. McLean’s  Personal Assistant.  How would I describe her?  She’s very loyal and dedicated to Mr. McLean.  As  a P.A.  you’re their eyes and ears, basically you do everything for them, so she knows Mr. McLean quite well.

Q 2.  How did you react to the script?

I loved the script. Initially, Bronwyn was just a small supporting character. So I wasn’t sure how she was going to evolve into the story. The script’s quite funny. I love Henri, and the subtle eye movements that he has. So it’s not only the words of the script, it’s how each of the actors bring their characters to the role, that all adds up a  bit of depth to the funny parts.   It’s a great story on   human character – the good parts and the also the parts we probably suppress a little bit.

Q 3.  What was it like working with Henri?

I remember one time we were trying to develop a story line, and we created a new scene for the two of them together.  I remember him  saying – “we can’t do this because such and such a thing has happened”, and all these other  little things that everyone else hadn’t thought of.   And I went  “Oohh!”.  And that just comes from experience.  So those are the sort of things that I will take with me and learn from. And everyone learnt from it. As I said, I was very grateful

Q 4.   What was it like having your character have a role change during filming?

It was great! The more she appeared in the scene, the more I could work!  Because for  me as an actress, I love having an emotional side of things, that’s where I get my jollies!

So creating her character to become a fuller character, allowed me to have that extra dimension; rather than just turning up, saying my lines and going home. And it was great having  that lovely eye contact with Henri, as I was  becoming a ‘person’.  To me, that ticks all the boxes.

Q 5.   What was it like working with Gerald?

It was good fun.  I found him so positive and energetic. In this industry, it’s so hard, there’s so  many  people who say: “You can’t do that, you can’t do that.”

For Gerald to say: “I believe in what we do, I believe in my actors, I believe in everybody’s that’s involved”.  That’s inspirational for everyone.  If you have a leader who sees the glass half full, it just flows  from  there.

So I really enjoyed Gerald. I shouldn’t call him a buzzy-bee, but he is a  go-getter. I love that.

Q 6.     How do you think audiences will react to the film?

Hopefully, positively, because it is light-hearted, and there are some good giggles in there.  As well, it is one of those movies that will make you think.

When there’s money involved, it shows a different side to people, and obviously, it’s what the movie is about.  I think it is one of those movies that you can come out,  think about it, and still have a good laugh.  It’s  entertainment, it’s good to watch, it’s good fun.  So hopefully, it’s a good 1 ½ hours spent watching some light entertainment, with a nice moral to it.

Q 7.  Why are small films important?

For anyone, when you have love and passion for something, you just have to do it.. You can’t describe what it is with any passion.  So these independent films are important, because work for actors at every age is so limited.  The way to get ahead, whether you’re an actor or any other part of the industry, is to meet with like-minded people,  and go and create your own work.  It is such an important role.  There’s only   ‘X’ amount  of actors who are in the big blockbusters.  Even those who manage to make it up on the big screen,  they’ve been banging their heads against the wall for 20 years.  So this is so important.

Q 8.     What’s the film about?

To me, it’s about family, and what everyone sees on the outside.  And what goes on behind closed doors,  in any family.

Q 9.   What was your reaction to the film winning an award in Los Angeles?

When I heard about the Honorable Mention, I was so thrilled!  We’re all proud of the work that has been put into this film.  But to have this stamp of approval from the Sunset Los Angeles Film Festival – I mean, that is where  the  films are made! To have this award is just the biggest gold star on your forehead that you could ask for.   And it gives the film the extra clout that’s needed to get the film released in cinemas here in Australia.  The award  is really supporting what we believe films are about, by those that are in the industry.  So congratulations to everyone involved. It’s just fantastic!  Well done!