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Katy Carruthers

Katy Carruthers “Anne McLean”

Interview Transcript

Q 1.  Who is your character in the film?

My character’s name is Anne McLean. She’s the doctor’s wife, quite an uptight lady.  And she is  terribly disappointed because her husband has been struck off by the Medical Board, through his indiscretion. And so her whole life has been changed.  She’s lost her status  not only within  the family, but also the community.  And whether or not she really recovers is hard to say.   But she is definitely being stoic and standing by him.  But she will never forgive him.

Q 2.  What did you think of the script?

I loved it. I knew her, I’d played her before.  And she has a whole family, so I had quite a strong relationship with her. I knew exactly who she was and how she felt about her husband and her children and her relatives. So it was nice playing her again.  And hopefully, I’ll play her yet again!  And all will be resolved!

Q 3.   Anne had a big journey in “Blue Lies”, Gerald’s last film?

Yes, she had a very big journey. She had to deal with the degradation of her husband and also her own social position. It was great to play it, and I had to go really deep, and it was fantastic to play a highly strung, extremely emotional woman who loses it. As an actor, it was a great role.

Q 4.    What do you think of Gerald making  three films in less than ten years?

We’re proud of him. Newcastle is a proud of him.  Because he just keeps going,  and he shares it.   Most of the cast has been on this ten-year journey too, and have become really quite close.

Q 5.   What’s it like making a film with Gerald?

People have made films here, not just  being part  of the story, and not just  this film.  In years to come, people will say there was an independent film-maker called Gerald  Lawson, who worked  very hard to get this done –  and I was part of this story!  It gives other people courage to know that all you have to do is to do it.

Q 6.    What other character would you have liked to play?

I’d play them all – just with a different hat!

Q 7.   What do you think people will take away from this film?

It’s a story about a family that is like theirs, or like someone they know.  It’ll make you think

Q 8.   What did you think about the film’s recent award?

When I heard that it had won an award in Los Angeles, it was so exciting. It was a ‘pinch yourself’  moment.  Really!   It is amazing that it could go so far.