Money's Inherited. Trust is earned.

David Yarrow

David Yarrow “Barry McLean”



Interview Transcript

Q 1.   Who is your character in the film?

I play Dr. Barry McLean.  He’s a local GP, and he’s got his own problems, he’s been suspended for 12 months for inappropriate dealings with a patient.  He’s part of a triumvirate of brothers.

Q2.  How would you describe Gerald’s script?

It’s always very human.  Human frailty.  And they’re about deceit, which is a very human thing. There’s probably more avarice in this one. I think it’s a rather human story that Gerald writes, and he’s getting good at it.

Q3.  How does Henri Szeps work as an actor?

I remember doing one scene with him, and he did it in several different ways. And I thought – some were great, and others were, well, alright..  And he said: “ Well, you can use  what of that you want”, which I thought was really good.

Q4.  What is Gerald’s approach to directing?

He doesn’t seem to impose himself a lot, which is good. Maybe there are times when he should!  But he’s generally there to more-or-less oversee, to make sure that his words come through.  I would work with him anytime and I’ll do what he wants. Mainly because  he’s  a pioneer in this town.

Q5. What do Gerald’s films mean for local actors?

The main thing is that he provides work!  He provides  work  for actors and crews. He puts Newcastle on the map, that’s a big thing. It’s all done here,  the three films were all made here.  That’s a feather in his cap.

Q6.  What’s Gerald like as a producer?

I don’t know!  He tends to be good with people.  He can say: “Can I borrow your house for ½ hour., or a couple of hours, or whatever?!”

Q7.  Tell us about the scene where you confront Edward?

I thought it just seemed to work straight away. I don’t know how many takes we did, maybe 3 – 4. But it seemed to work really well. I think it was a turning point in the film, where Barry discovers that his father is telling lies. It’s my favourite scene, because of that  –   “I know what you’re doing!”

Q8.   What did you think of the finished film?

When I saw it, I got really engaged. I hadn’t seen parts of it before.  And I got really engaged with the characters, and the bits  that  I hadn’t seen before, so that I went  “Wow!  This is telling a really good story.”

Q9.  How does the combination of comedy and drama work in the film?

The whole thing in the church is one of my favourite scenes, because there is high comedy there, but there’s also the drama of the drugs and the money, and the good guys and the bad guys. Gerald’s got a skill putting that all there, and having it come out.